About CHS

ChaeHookSung (CHS) is a Traditional Martial Arts where

"defense through self-respect and physical confidence while using offensive tactics"

only as a last resort" is taught.

CHS Martial Arts:

Skills Enhancing in Personal Dedication, Self-Awareness / Discipline with Confidence / Goal Setting, Team Participation / Leadership {Honor, Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity}, Treatment of Others {Being a Better Citizen}

Through our well-rounded martial arts training program builds highly respected and confident citizens.  With CHS programs one will not only learn the common self-defense, offense, forms and full-contact fighting but will also be learn history, customs and courtesy of the martial arts.  As the members progresses along each level of training, enhancing both physical and mental training is included.  



Skill & Awareness with Confidence in personal abilities through Practical / Realistic Scenarios by way of Muscle Memory through Non-Cardio means.  

Our Level 1 program is 6 weeks all students will be confident with our basic 7 hand grab & 5 one-step (attacker steps toward you with an object) techniques in a safe environment. The longer someone attends these on going classes, the more he / she can benefit.

Hwarang Seed:

Behavioral / Physical Improvements in Balance, Coordination, Core Stability, & Flexibility, by developing Gross Motor Skills though Martial Arts type of Exercises

Our monthly programs are a full body exercises allowing Pre-School and below in the mornings & K-5 at 4:00pm twice a week.  Home Rules along with Respect of Others is emphasized.

"Builder of better citizens through goal setting, hard work, perseverance, 

and ethical behavior"

We are located:

The Farm Sports

2660 Vickers Dr.

Colorado Springs, CO 80918

  North side of Vickers Dr. between Union & Academy Blvd.