Ladies Self-Defense

Needing Confidence in Uncomfortable Situations?

Wanting to Take Control?

Wanting Muscle Memory Reaction?

CHS & Traditional Martial Arts provides a Safe hands-on Non Cardio portion of our program.  Our ideals are of controlling threatening situations with knowledge, not wild uncontrolled burst of energy.

You will learn Practical Techniques that fit your abilities in Realistic Situations,  for no-one technique are guaranteed to work every time to every person.

  “You are, who you are, never compromise your own inner respect.  If forced, go natural with what your heart feels, whether brutally or gracefully.  Make the situation yours, control all aspects to your best ability & do not expect less.”

Level 1 program is 6 weeks.  All Students will be confident with our basic 7 hand grabs & 5 one-step (attacker steps toward you with an object) techniques in a safe environment

 Empower Yourself

  All types of crimes are on the rise, while crime prevention is also. Let us increase your personal awareness.  Many of you are getting in better physical shape than ever before.  That is a good thing.  Our goal is to enhance your physical awareness.

 Take Control

   It is our belief that the key to a safe & comfortable life can only be achieved through awareness of the dangers surrounding the possibilities of being attacked. 

  Our program is designed to provide basic key elements in establishing better self-confidence & self-esteem, through awareness.

 Take Action

  Our non-cardio hands-on program is designed to teach you how to get away and to a safe place. On going classes are scheduled weekly continuously with punch cards.  If you have to miss one week there are no penalties.  Keep in mind that the more classes you are able to take, the better muscle memory.

Summer  Beginner Sessions

Continues & Advance Sessions

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"FANTASTIC COURSE, Extremely informative and engaging.  A self-defense course is something that i have thought about taking and i am glad that i took this one.  Sterling teaches you to follow your instinct and get out of a situation that may or may not turn into danger.  He teaches you what to do if some one grads you here, or here or here.  Real life possibilities.  He teaches you that you don't have to be physically strong to be able to protect yourself.  What you need is to be aware and how to react to get yourself OUT of a bad situation.  There is one technique in particular that i know i will never forget and i found incredibly powerful and valuable, a simple way to release my hands from a strong grip.  He teaches you that it's not about overtaking your attacker, but getting away and running to safety.  I definitely recommend this course!"  R.F.

"The Ladies Self Defense Program at CHS Martial Arts has given me confidence to know I can get away from an attacker.  Defensive moves are repeated over many sessions so that muscle memory takes place.  My responses have become so much faster and automatic.  My hope is more and more women will take advantage of this wonderful program that is so reasonably priced.  Sterling Chase is a master teacher, so knowledgeable, patient and kind.  Women of all ages participate which is refreshing.  He modifies the techniques on an individual basis for any individual who finds a move particularly difficult or impossible.  Come and see for yourself.  You will be warmly welcomed the moment you enter."  J.M.

"Thank you Sterling for coming to share your knowledge with us. We had a great time and learned some great information!" Crossfit Continuum

"I survived a childhood full of abuse. I am so grateful for Sterling/Master Che's self defense program because he taught me self-mastery and the proper use of my personal power.  I now can live in confidence knowing that I will treat myself and others with respect and if the need ever arises, I can fight back in a way that allows me to remain within my integrity.  I will be forever grateful to what I learned in this class and will pay it forward."  J.P.