Sabanim Grant Fritz

Kyosanim Grant Fritz

4th Dan

born in 1989, currently works as an Electrical and Computer Engineer in Boulder Colorado and has done Taekwondo since 2005. He studied engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in May of 2011. Since then he has been working at a power electronics company developing high power chargers for electric vehicles.

He started Taekwondo his junior year of high school after his good friend Matt Holling introduced it to him when he showed an interest in learning fighting and self-defense. Being an athletically driven person he progressed quickly. After getting his white belt with a yellow stripe he jumped straight to a blue belt which he held for a solid year before receiving his red belt and holding it for a year before his black belt test. He earned his first degree black belt in August of 2008, and then in September of 2010 he earned his second degree black belt.

Grant’s hobbies include Taekwondo, dancing, bouldering, snowboarding, mountain biking, trail running, and motorcycle riding. While in high school he learned how to dance lindy hop and blues; when he went off to college he became more interested in Argentine Tango dancing and has done that for multiple years now once or twice a week. Overall Grant is a very physically active person; besides taekwondo he enjoys climbing at The Spot bouldering gym in Boulder once or twice a week. He also enjoys snowboarding in the winter time up at Breckenridge.

What he hopes for the future is to finish getting his pilot’s license and learn how to sky dive.