May 30, 2020

In 1989 GrandMaster Chae created the CHS Black Belt Guild (BBG). The BBG's main function was to provide inputs to GrandMaster Chae from not only a student's point, but from a Black Belts point of view. All BBG members are life-long and are continually updated on changes and additions to the CHS Program(s). With the wealth of knowledge within the BBG is and always will be acknowledged by GrandMaster Chae allowing all BBG members a voice in the continuing evolution of the CHS Program(s).

" I have promoted students to Black Belt from the many locations which I have had the pleasure in teaching: Colorado Springs, CO; Ft. Lewis/Mchord AFB WA; Hofn AB Iceland; Osan AB Korea; Tyndall AFB FL; (a BBG member taught CHS Program at Kadena AB Japan)." GrandMaster Chae

This Guild is made up of all past and present CHS Black Belts, BBG members are not required to maintain the same level of Martial Arts activity as they had during their testing days.

Members will be continually added...